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About RJ Fitness


My Story.
 My Mission.


I will not only to help push you, but design a personalised plan for you, helping to you keep motivated, focused and successful in your goals.

Hi there! I’ve been a personal trainer since early 2015. My experience mainly comes from working as the highest level of trainer at a major Nationwide fitness company but have now opened up my own private studio to help clients privately, with no need for a gym membership.

I specialise in fat loss, toning and building muscle. I am also pre- and post-natal qualified, and being a mother myself I have first-hand experience! Furthermore, I understand how it feels to not be happy with your body and how that can affect your confidence, self-esteem, and general outlook on life. This is why I became a personal trainer; in order to help people change on the outside so you can feel better on the inside, and live a better and healthier life.

I will not only to help push you, but work with you, at a pace that suits you, helping you keep motivated, focussed and successful in your goals.
I pride myself on being an empathetic and approachable trainer and I adjust the training, not just to your goals and fitness levels, but to your personality to find an approach that suits YOU.

Personal training with me is not case of me telling you what to do for an hour; it is a relationship where we work together to make little changes in your lifestyle that will turn into bigger, sustainable ones enabling you to achieve your goals. I will assist you with your nutrition and every week we will come up with little goals in all aspects of your life for you to focus on that week. This will keep you focused and on track, as well as accountable as I will never tell you the goals; you come up with them yourself with my assistance.

I have achieved great success with my current client base (both physically and mentally) and believe that together there is no goal we can’t accomplish.


Strength Training




Weight Loss & Nutrition


The Fitness Studio


Train in our spacious private studio in Oxford, with high quality equipment and facilities for personal one-to-one training sessions.

This spacious, private studio is set alongside the B480 in Garsington, Oxford; just a few miles from the Kassam Stadium.

It has been fully kitted out with high quality equipment to ensure you have access to a range of facilities similar to those in a larger gym. 

As the studio is private, you can be assured that all sessions are one-to-one with no others present; reducing any anxiety many experience when exercising in public gyms in front of people.

Contact with other clients is minimised with a 5 minute gap between sessions, and the equipment is cleaned thoroughly after every session so you an be sure to have as safe an experience as possible. 




The training sessions are 55 minutes (to allow for smooth changeover between clients) and cost between £37.50 – £40 (depending on the package), with a free consultation (via telephone or zoom) prior to your first session to discuss your goals, lifestyle, dietary habits, and any other relevant information. 

At the end of each session, we will set small, weekly goals together to focus on that week in order to support your main goals. These will be discussed at the next session. I have found this is a really successful way of keeping you focused, without being intimidating, and getting you the results you’re after quicker. 

As part of my personal training package, you will also receive a monthly 30 – 45 minute nutrition consultation free of charge (as well as weekly nutrition advice and tips), programmes to follow on your own (either at home or for a gym), regular measurements and photos (optional) so we can track your progress, and unlimited support and advice whenever you need it. 

our packages

Trial Session: your first ever session has a discount of 25% costing you just £30, so you can try before you buy a larger package. Once you’ve decided this is the route for you, the packages are as follow:

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You can call on 07792 599139 to book your session.

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