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1 on 1 Training

with rJ Fitness

Personal training specialising in fat loss, toning and building muscle. Helping you change on the outside so that you can feel better on the inside!

I understand how it feels to not be happy with your body and how that can affect your confidence, self-esteem, and general outlook on life.

This is why I became a personal trainer; in order to help people change on the outside so you can feel better on the inside, and live a better and healthier life.

I will not only to help push you, but work with you, helping you keep motivated, focused and successful in your goals. 

I pride myself on being an empathetic and approachable trainer and I adjust the training, not just to your goals and fitness levels, but to your personality to find an approach that suits YOU. 






Fat loss, toning and muscle building.


Pre-natal and post-natal qualified.


Personalised training suited to your personality and goals.


Tailored weekly goals to keep you on track and accountable.


Private fully equipped fitness studio in Oxford.


Free consultation prior to first session to discuss your fitness goals.


Trial Session: your first ever session has a discount of 25% costing you just £30


what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

I had a great six weeks training with Ruth. Ruth tailored the programme to certain areas I wanted to work on and the results speak for themselves. I never knew where to start with weight training but Ruth has given me confidence in my own capabilities and has encouraged me to push myself further than I thought I was capable. Ruth’s attention to detail ensured I had good form for all exercises, eliminating the risk of injuries and isolating the muscles doing the work. I cannot believe the changes I have see in what has only been 12 gym sessions! These are not only changes in my body, but also in my strength and fitness. Ruth is a motivational and empowering personal trainer who completely invests herself in her clients. I would recommend without hesitation. 

Rebecca Swan

I have been going to the gym for a while and had got to the point that I need a little more structure to my sessions. I chose Ruth as my PT and have never looked back. Ruth made me feel comfortable and took the time to understand what my abilities were and what I wanted to achieve from our lessons. Ruth has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my wellbeing, she has spared her own time to sit and discuss dietary requirements. Her tips on nutrition are excellent and her dedication is clear.  Working with Ruth on my fitness is great, our sessions are always hard work but always with an element of fun. Her motivation and enthusiasm is a real driving force, pushing me to the best of my abilities. I have lost weight, gained definition and am eating more healthily. Bring on another year Ms Jackson!

Sue Garrod

I began training with Ruth a few months ago, following a hysterectomy operation. I have always struggled with self-esteem and was dreading starting training at the gym, however the second I met Ruth she put me at ease as she is so personable and friendly. Each programme she has devised has been a challenge a first, but Ruth makes every session fun & despite being really tough at times, it never feels like a chore coming to the gym. In the past few weeks I have really started to notice a change in my body shape & feel so much more confident in myself & my ability. Ruth has also given me lots of nutritional advice & tips & I can’t quite believe the weight I am now able to lift or the results I’ve seen! For someone that never set foot in a gym, to now looking forward to doing deadlifts, I can honestly say that Ruth has changed my life in such a remarkable way & I am truly thankful.

Emma Timms

Ruth has helped me to make long-term health and fitness changes over the past 9months. I began working with her, somewhat reluctantly, after a period of prolonged ill health, and with a history of not enjoying training in the gym. However, Ruth’s knowledge and expertise, alongside her friendly and encouraging nature, enabled me to not just see results from the sessions, but enjoy them in the process. Both my core strength and my endurance have consistently increased since I began training with Ruth, thanks to her consistent and thorough approach, and I plan to continue working with Ruth for the foreseeable future.

Claire McCauley

I have been training with Ruth since January 2018. Ruth has been a fantastic PT for me, initially I was concerned about improving my cardiovascular fitness and burning fat but since then I have wanted to improve my strength and build some more muscle definition.  I am really pleased with the progress I have made, my body shape has definitely changed and friends and colleagues have commented on how good I look.  She has set me programs that have challenged me but also motivated me and I use some of them in my own sessions, I now do things that I would never have considered a year ago.  She never lets me get away with anything other than 100% and even when I am ready to give up she can get me through the last set with a smile (almost!).  Above all that she has a great sense of humour and the sessions with her are (mostly) fun and there’s nearly always a laugh to be shared and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ruth as a PT.

Kirsten Evans

I was very apprehensive before starting, but much to my surprise, I enjoyed it so much that I bought a pack of six more sessions! Ruth is enthusiastic and very encouraging and I have found myself doing exercises that are alien to me but through her guidance and repetition become more familiar. She is very patient and when I forget how to do something she is happy to show me again. She is friendly and easy to talk to and I have really benefited from her sessions. I have found that when I train by myself in the gym I am inclined to give up if it gets tough, however when I do a session with Ruth she gets the best out of me, increasing the weights when appropriate: the time always flies by. Ruth has made me feel more confident and encouraged me to vary my workout. I look forward to each PT session and would wholeheartedly recommend her as a personal trainer. 

Karen Nutt

Working with Ruth as a personal trainer is great. She is kind, friendly, supportive and also she is encouraging me in each session, I can say that I really enjoy my training with Ruth. Although our sessions are hard work, it is always with an element of motivation and fun, and it is not boring at all. I like the mixture of exercises and the range in equipment which Ruth uses in each session, which is great. I started training with Ruth to lose weight and generally tone up, but what I achieved with Ruth’s help is far more than this! My overall strength and fitness improved so much in a short space of time, and I attend to the gym and do exercise much more than I was able to on my own. I have learnt so much from Ruth, she is willing to share her expert knowledge and answer my questions. Ruth is energetic, fun, and kind. I have benefitted from become stronger and I am much more motivated than I was before. I strongly recommend Ruth to anyone, at whatever level of fitness.

Paris Nejad

Ruth is an amazing personal trainer! She listened to my goals and needs from the moment I met her and has planned my sessions accordingly. She regularly changes my workout programme which means I haven’t become bored and my muscles don’t get too used to the exercises. The programmes are the right level of challenging and have changed with me as I’ve improved my technique and become stronger. Ruth is very motivational, I don’t think I would’ve come as far as I have without her motivation and feedback on my technique, encouraging me that I can get those last few reps in (when I think I can’t!), and keeping me updated week to week and month to month. As a result, I’ve toned and tightened up and am much stronger than I ever thought I would be. Ruth is always engaging, happy and positive and it’s been an absolute delight having her train me. Thank you Ruth for helping me reach my goals and getting me back into training!

Natalie Mitchell

Ruth is a friendly and approachable trainer that consistently brings positive energy to our sessions. As someone with minimal experience in the gym, these qualities have been invaluable in helping me overcome a number of initial anxieties that I had about committing to regular exercises with the goal of losing weight. We have completed a number of varied programmes that are challenging, rewarding and complimentary to a number of dietary changes that combined, have resulted in the loss of considerable amount of weight. Ruth is also very knowledgeable about nutrition and introduced me to a fitness and dietary app that I now use almost religiously. Ruth has helped me to make a paradigmatic shift towards a healthier lifestyle and to develop a more positive mindset in regards to my weight, exercise and diet. 

Hannah Brawn

With her encouragement, patience, diligence, varying training programmes and advice, Ruth has ensued my return to excellent health together with a notable weight loss. Thank you very much in helping me to return to my former self in shape and size. You know when we set out last September I was grossly overweight and with your patience and excellent approach I was able to lose it. You are an excellent personal trainer and I would pick no one else either now or in the future. You have been selective and ever changing in your programmes and I have enjoyed our sessions with the lovely sense of humour you exude.

Bill Cameron

I have trained with Ruth for around 2 years now. Having used gyms for many years, she is the most dedicated trainer I have ever come across. Completely committed to her clients goals and helping them achieve them. Every programme has been different so I have never got bored and ruth has pushed me to increase my weights and use machines I would have never have had the confidence to use on my own. I particularly enjoyed her beach body programme and was so impressed with the results I managed to achieve in just 12 weeks with Ruth’s workouts, advice and our Whatsapp support group. I will definitely be back for more!

Sian Brown

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